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"Have you seen Draco recently?" Serena asked. Molly inwardly sighed. She asked the same thing every time she visited the Burrow. Sometimes Molly thought it was all she came for.

"Oh, goodness, no. I haven't seen him since the fifteenth. How's Brian?" Serena almost winced at the sudden change of subject. 'Gryffindors have no tact,' she thought, not having to stifle the giggles that statement would have once triggered. Instead she put a bland smile on her face and chatted amiably about her son and his magical mistakes. The thought that there was someone else she would rather be talking to entered her mind, but she ignored it. Molly laughed in all the right places.

Serena sighed as she sank into the steaming tub, and then took a long drink from her bottle of scotch. She had seen Draco that day, in Diagon Alley. He hadn't seen her, or if he had he pretended not to. She almost called out to him, but them she remembered that her son was with her. 'Blasted boy,' she thought as she considered her chances of abandoning the kid and convincing Draco to run away with her. The tell-tale 'pop' of Apperation brought her from her reminiscing.

Bill walked into the bathroom, sighed at the sight of his drunken wife and picked up the bottle she hadn't realized she'd dropped. Bill sighed again. He'd only stopped by to tell her that he would be late for dinner, and he'd found her drunk in the tub at four in the afternoon as their son played outside.


"Don't worry, dearie. I'm not nearly as drunk as I look," Serena mumbled as Bill carried her to the bedroom. Her speech was so slurred he only understood due to years of practice. He decided that instead of dignifying that remark with a response, locking her in the bedroom would yield better results. He sighed for what seem like the millionth time that week as he gathered Brian and brought him through the Floo. 'Thank God Ernie keeps that stash of chocolate frogs under his desk.'

Bill Apperated home the next night, easily repressing the urge to call "Honey, I'm home!" in favor of walking into the bathroom where he saw her leg dangling over the side of the tub. 'One of these days she's going to drown herself,' he thought, and he wondered if it would be an accident.

His half-serious musings turned to panic as he neared the tub. The water was red. He quickly and gently pulled her from the tub onto the tiled floor of the bathroom, only briefly registering the luke-warm temperature of the sullied water. As he looked at her he knew there was no point to doing the 'enervate' spell which had been running through his mind. Her skin was bloated and too pink, obviously discolored from the bloody water. Her eyes were open and glassy. And the back of her head was missing.

Later, after the Ministry officials had left, the body been taken for autopsy ("What kind of spell blows the back of your head off, I ask you." "She didn't even have her wand, Joann, I've never seen the like..."), and Brian safely seen to his grandparent's house did Bill empty the tub. As the water swirled down the drain, he was reminded of a something he heard, so long ago in what seemed like a different life.

"A sort of metal wand Muggles use to kill each other."

As Bill downed the rest of the scotch, he vaguely wondered if the coroners would find the bullet.

Draco never knew why Serena had left him, or why she got together with that Weasley bloke in the first place. Everyone knew why the two got married, though. Draco did the math and found that little Brian Weasley was conceived during the summer before his seventh year, and he never asked questions. He wasn't sure if he wanted to know the answers. And he was trying to put that summer behind him.

Whenever he went to visit Arthur (whom he had met through the Ministry, and wasn't nearly as mad as the rumors said he was) the rest of the family would always send him odd glances. It was alright, though. He barely noticed the stares anymore.

He didn't notice much of anything these days.

Ever since that mysterious gap in his memories during the summer before his seventh year, he has become incredibly forgetful and unobservant. The last thing he can remember with any clarity is Flooing home from Snape Manor, which leads him to believe that he didn't 'go missing' after all. Draco was sure his father and his Dark activities had something to do with that summer.

Which is why Draco is an Auror. His colleagues are worse that the Weasleys, however. Glaring and whispering. He thought that he should be the one suspicious of them. He heard them saying something about 'ordering' something when they thought he was out of the office, but truth be told, he barely noticed them anymore.

He didn't notice much of anything these days.
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