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Ultra Super Mega Remix Happy Fun Time Playful Rating!

Mega Super Happy Ultra Ratings (plus Alpha)!
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This is the anti ratings community... sort of. But I prefer to think of it as the (Anti)Ratings community with many Japanese-sounding adjectives in front of it's name.

Rules here are simple:

1. Since ratings communities are lame, we therefore accept everyone who applies.
2. You have to post an app anyway, else you have not really applied, now have you? :>
4. Don't be an ass. I accept everyone, but if you're an ass I will ban you after accepting you... but not before throwing sporks at you. (So, you know if I start throwing sporks at you, that you better start acting nicer. It's sort of a warning. :> )
4a. NO DRAMA! NO DRAMA! NO DRAMA! The only drama I want in this community is people reciting Shakespeare. If you create any other kind, you'll be banned. Very quickly.
5. This isn't a rule, but a request.. please, if you're going to join.. PUT US ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST. If you don't, then we feel rejected and will be forced to cry into our glass of bedtime milk and the extra salt from our tears will make us thirsty all night. Now do you REALLY want that?

(Note: Breaking any rule carries the same penalty. You will be forced to listen to me recite Monty Python routines. You don't want this, trust me.)

And now, here's the app...
(Try to be goofy and creative, okay? Normal apps make baby kitties cry!)

1. Name?
2. Age?
3. Area you live in?
4. You like music, right? RIGHT? Tell us some genres and/or bands you like. (Anyone naming Ayumi Hamasaki, Aikawa Nanase, or Keiko from Globe will get an extra 5 plusses)
4a. If you named any of the three above.. do you REALLY know who they are?
5. If I gave you 3 sporks and a plastic cup, what creative thing would you do with them?
6. Lava Lamps: Cool, lame, or only for hippies?
7. This sure is a vapid app, isn't it?
8. Name some things you like to do?
9. Tell us all an amusing story about yourself. Preferably one that involves Camels, Zebras or dancing lions.
10. Make up some japanese sounding adjectives that describe yourself?
11. Why do you want to join us?
11a. Where did you hear about the community?
12. Are you bored yet?
13. Everyone likes comedy! Name some funny things you like?
14. You are falling down a well. Whoops! What's the last thing you do before you go SPLAT against the bottom?
15. If a tree falls in a forest and there's no one around, aren't you sad you missed an opportunity to see the tree act like a hammer and nail someone into the ground?
16. Wouldn't it be funny if Jack Black and Jack White formed a band called Black and White? Or would the Tenacious Stripes be a funnier name?
17. Everyone supposedly looks like a famous person. Do YOU look like a famous person? If yes, who?
18. Is this long enough yet?

I keep expanding the app because people keep telling me it isn't long enough. I'm now at 18 questions and was originally 12. Are you people satisfied yet? :>

Now everyone have fun. :>