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Harry Potter Music Video: "Lost In A Dream"

Main Info:
Title: Lost in a Dream
Video: Harry Potter, SS, COS, POA
Song: Frou Frou - I Must be Dreaming
Download: Click here.

Background and Programs:
I am not new to video making, but this is my first Harry Potter video, and also one of the first I have done in dealing with live action. (Vs cartoon or Anime, I have done a ton of those)
This was made with:
1. DVD Decryptor (comes with AMV APP)
2. Virtual Dub Mod (also comes withAMV APP)
3. Vegas Movie Studio 4 (hopefully soon to be upgraded to Vegas 6 at the least, can be found at any Best Buy)
I use the .WMV format because it has so far (atleast with Vegas) the best visual quality to file size ratio out of all the formats.

General about the vid:
RW/HG - Slight Ron and Hermione
GW/HP - Some Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter
DM/HG - Not really a "ship" per se' but there are a couple of scenes with them.
Also has some dealings about harry and his parents, and Harry's relationship with Lupin...

There is no "main point" to this. It's a general "day dream" type video... its mostly lyric sync and eye candy.
I might do a more centeralized video (one that is centered on a specific character) later but this is my first attempt at this kind of video and it was mostly ment to familiarize myself with live action, and harry potter in general (in editing).

All comments can be given here and All comments are appreciated.

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