Mel Richards (melrichards007) wrote in megahappyrating,
Mel Richards

Bomb threats and court orders and running out of gas?

Let me explain-

Last night a mysterious gang symbol, with a time and today's date made people think it was a shooting warning or something. I think that's how it went. So "Staff and parents of students must make the choice of comming to school today". Thus I convinced madre I wanted more sleep. That was the bomb threat part. Here's the court order-
Crystal called. She didn't know about it and went to school, and she said there weren't enough people there and they were canceling classes. Wanted to come over to my house. Said she already asked her foster parents. Madre goes to get her and runs out of gas (explain more about that later) when Crystal calls again. Turns out even though they aren't running classes, the administration isn't letting students leave for an hour. After madre returns Crystal's foster mother calls and said that she called the school-50% of the students are there and they are running classes, and she (the foster mother) has a court order for Crystal and Tereasa (Crystal's foster sister) to stay at school, and if I let them come to my house I could get in trouble with stuff. So here's more about what happened with the gas-
On the way home the Jeep ran out of gas (on the highway). She had to walk home. We found a gas can in the garage, just enough to get the jeep from it's place of honor on the highway to the gas station in town. Thus I come along. I have to drive the pie car back to the house while my mother is driving the jeep to the gas station. Low and behold! A po-po! He's in front of us as we drive down the highway to the jeep. Then he pulls over and follows us. Creepy. We pull over by the jeep and he stops-in the middle of the highway-to talk to madre. He finally leaves. We get the gas, I drive the car home, and all is well. Unless Crystal calls again. Or the school gets shot up. But hey. I proved that I am a good driver!
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